General information for foreigners

Cracow University of Economics

General information for foreigners

Foreigner is any person without Polish citizenship. Persons who posses a few citizenships and Polis is one of them (e.g. dual citizenship), must apply and follow education at Cracow University of Economics on the basis of rules for Polish nationals.

All candidates applying for admission to the Cracow University of Economics who are not Polish citizens are subject to the same admissions procedures as foreignersregardless of their entitlements

Foreigners may enrol at and attend programmes on the basis of:

  1. international agreements, in accordance with principles set out therein
  2. agreements concluded by universities with foreign entities, in accordance with principles set out therein
  3. the minister’s approval
  4. approval of a NAWA’ director (National Agency for Academic Exchange) with regard to its fellows
  5. approval of an NCN’s director (National Science Centre) for granting funds for conducting basic research in the form of a research project, internship or scholarship, qualified as a result of a competition
  6. administrative decision of a rector, director of a PAN’s institute (Polish Academy of Sciences), a director of an international institute.

Foreigners are admitted to studies held in English on a fee-payment basis.