Major Programmes from A to Z

Major programme – Administration

Speciality – Finance and Public Procurement
Speciality – Municipal Services Management
Speciality – Human Resources in Administration
Speciality – Public Administration: A Comparative Perspective

Major programme – Economic Analytics

Speciality – Macroeconomic Analytics
Speciality – Microeconomic Analytics
Analytics of Financial and Insurance Institutions

Major programme – Applied Informatics (in English)

Major programme – Financial Audit

Major programme – Banking and Risk Management

Speciality – Advanced Banking
Speciality – Risk Management on the Banking and Insurance Market
Bankowym i Ubezpieczeniowym

Major programme – Investment and Economic Consulting

Major programme – Economics

Speciality – Economic and Financial Analytics
Speciality – Managerial Economics
Speciality – Human Resource Management
Speciality – Economic Consulting
Speciality – Real Estate and Investment
Speciality – Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Speciality – Entrepreneurship and Business Financing
Speciality – Business Development Strategies

Major programme – European Studies

Speciality – Business and Cooperation on the European Market
Speciality – Manager of European Projects

Major programme – Finance and Accounting

Speciality – Banking
Speciality – Tax Advisory Services
Speciality – Finance and Public Administration
Speciality – Corporate Finance
Speciality – Accounting and Financial Audit
Speciality – Financial Markets
Speciality – Corporate Finance & Accounting (in English)
Speciality – Labour and Social Insurance Law
Speciality – Managerial Accounting
Speciality – Business Consultancy
Speciality – Investment Consultancy
Speciality – Bank Management

Major programme – Finance and Accounting (PONE)

Major programme – Public Economy and Administration

Major programme – Spatial Management

Speciality – Planning and Spatial Engineering (Eng.)
Master’s programmes 3 – one-semester course

Major programme – Applied Informatics

Speciality – Software Engineering
Speciality – Information Systems
Speciality – Intelligent Systems

Major programme – Innovation in Business

Speciality – Institutional Forms of Innovation Development
Speciality – Manager of Innovation
Speciality – Innovation Management
Speciality – Startup Management

Major programme – Product Innovativeness

Speciality – Product Designing and Improvement
Speciality – Product Development and Commercialisation

Major programme – Organization and Management Engineering

Speciality – Managerial Audit and Controlling
Speciality – Personnel Management and Consultancy
Speciality – Business Development Management

Major programme – Logistics

Speciality – Manager of Logistics
Speciality – Logistics of International Enterprises
Speciality – Business Logistics

Major programme – International Logistics

Major programme – Marketing and Market Communication

Speciality – Market Analytics
Speciality – E-Marketing
Speciality – E-Trade
Speciality – Trade and Building Relationships with Buyers
Speciality – Marketing of Cities and Regions
Speciality – International Marketing
Speciality – Advertising and Public Relations
Speciality – Product Management

Major programme – International Economic Relations

Speciality – International Business Economics
Speciality – Foreign Trade
Speciality – International Business (in English)

Major programme – Modern Business Management (in English)

Major programme – Organization and Management – managerial studies

Speciality – Management System Designing
Speciality – Human Resource Management
Speciality – Integrated Corporate Management

Major programme – Law

Major programme – Accounting and Controlling

Speciality – Controlling
Speciality – Accounting
Speciality – Accounting According to IAS and IFRS

Major programme – Financial Markets

Speciality – Investment Consultancy
Speciality – Financial Risk Management

Major programme – International Relations

Speciality Eurasian Politics and Economy
Speciality – Eurasian Studies
Speciality – International Development Policies
Speciality – International Politics and Communication

Major programme – Urban Studies

Speciality – Spatial Processes Analytics
Speciality – City Resources Management

Major programme – Commodity Science

Speciality – Trade and Customs
Speciality – Product Manager
Speciality – Good Quality Management
Speciality – Transport and Shipment

Major programme – Tourism and Recreation

Speciality – Leisure Time Animation
Speciality – Hospitality and Gastronomy
Speciality – Healthy Lifestyle Manager
Speciality – Cultural Tourism Services
Speciality – International Tourism
Speciality – International Tourism Management (in English)
Speciality – Congress and Large Event Management

Major programme – Management

Speciality – Cooperation in Business
Speciality – Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Speciality – Corporate Management
Speciality – Project Management
Speciality – Small Business Management
Speciality – Sales Management in Production and Trade
Speciality – Knowledge and Information Management
Speciality – Human Resource Management
Speciality – Intangible Resource Management

Major programme – State and Territorial Self-Government Finance Management

Major programme – Production Management and Engineering

Speciality – Food Production Management and Engineering
Speciality – Project Management in Production
Speciality – Pro Quality Production Management

Major programme – International Management

Speciality – Global Logistics Systems
Speciality – Management in International Projects

Major programme – Human Resource Management