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Financial Accounting Accredited by ACCA – II stopien

Financial Accounting Accredited by ACCA – II stopien


Financial Accounting Accredited by ACCA (j.ang.)


Economics, Finance and Law 


Institute of Finance 

Degree level

Master’s  program 

Academic degree

Master of Science, MSc

Form of study

Full-time /Part-time 

Language of instruction


Student Service Centre

KUE Student Service Centre 

Description of the field of study

The field of study Financial Accounting accredited by ACCA is a new, unique field of study offered by the Cracow University of Economics. The major is conducted in English, in the system of 1.5-year supplementary master’s studies (full-time and part-time). Most didactic classes in the field of study can be carried out as part of distance learning. 

The offer is addressed to students from various countries around the world, especially to those where ACCA accreditation is valued by companies and the economic environment, including Europe, Asia, Africa, where international financial and accounting centers are located (e.g. India, China, Indonesia).

Career prospects

Graduates of Financial Accounting accredited by ACCA may take up employment in financial and accounting centers, auditing companies, control institutions and others. The acquired knowledge will also allow you to run your own business or provide consulting services. The combination of knowledge in the field of financial and management accounting gives you the opportunity to hold the positions of managing director, financial director, auditor, management accounting specialist. 

Strengths of field of study

Graduates of the major can obtain exemptions from 9 ACCA exams at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels (F1 to F9). Didactic classes can be carried out mostly in the form of distance learning. Stationary classes can be held in the formula of two-week Winter School (x2) and Summer School. Graduates have the opportunity to study in modular classes (as part of postgraduate studies), which prepares them very well for passing Strategic ACCA exams which are the last stage of obtaining ACCA accreditation.