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International studies – II stopień

International studies – II stopień

Major Program

International studies


Public Economy and Administration


Institute of Politology, Sociology and Philosophy

Degree level

Master’s  program 

Academic degree

Master of Science, MSc

Form of study


Language of instruction


Student Service Centre

KUE Student Service Centre

Description of the field of study

International Studies is a multidisciplinary program which explores global issues at the intersection of various disciplines, such as: political science, economics, culture and religion, and sociology. This multifaceted approach develops abilities to critically analyze and understand the increasingly complex international reality and provides in-depth knowledge of various forces shaping today’s world. The program gives a comprehensive understanding of the current global dynamics through advanced discussions of the main theories and interactions of governments, business, civil society, and other actors at the international, regional and national levels.

Career prospects

Graduates of the programme can choose multiple career paths, including:
Government agencies (e.g. dealing with conflict resolution, human rights, economic development)
International business
Research institutes and think tanks
Consultancy (e.g. political analyst)
International NGOs
Media (e.g. foreign correspondent)

Strengths of field of study

· Incorporates different disciplinary perspectives, i.e. politics, culture, and economics.
· Exposes students to key issues of debate in today’s international system and society.
· Provides students with analytical skills suitable for the study of different regions, societies, and cultures.
· Studying in an international group additionally offers a variety of experiences and perspectives.
· Courses in foreign language and an internationally focused internship give the real-world experience