Major Applied Informatics,
stacjonarne, I stopień

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie
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Major Applied Informatics  
Forma  stacjonarne
Stopnie I stopień
Język angielski


Graduates of the Applied Informatics will have knowledge of techniques and tools of modern information technology, business processes in organisations, taking into account existing legal and economic conditions.


Computer programming (5 semesters)
Best practices in software development
Introduction to database systems
Computer networks
Mathematical analysis and linear algebra
Organisation and management
Information systems security
Data mining
Knowledge management


Students have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Computer Science Scientific Group, which allows them to develop additional skills. The Computer Science Group is one of the oldest at our university. Since 1976 it brings together students who want to develop their skills in computer science and who want to participate in interesting events and meetings.

Graduates will be able to apply for jobs as IT professionals in companies in the IT sector and in organisations that use IT in their operations (both in the business and public sectors).